Tree Story
By Angie Cook

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This is one of my second nature collage using leaves. The work was to commemorate the tree and how it has been a reoccurring friend in my life. The center tree is our family 'horse tree', a misshapen tree that has grown into the shape of a horses back. I have a photo of three of the grandchildren sitting in the 'saddle' of the tree together... then remembered I had taken a picture from the same angle with three of my own children. It is a two generation horse tree. 
I found photos that recorded many of those tree stories and combined them with a collection of leaves and twigs to help tell our stories through collage.
As I gave more thought to the trees stories, I realized that the beginning reaches my own childhood with a little swing in Grandmother's tree.. later, my tree house; and many other tree stories through the years.


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