The Tate House
Georgia's Famous Pink Marble Mansion
By Angie Cook
     The Tate House, also known as the Pink Marble Mansion or Pink Palace (as listed on the National Historic Registry) is located just west of Tate, Georgia. It was built in the 1920's by Colonel Sam Tate with the rare pink marble from his quarries. After his death in 1938, the home and lands deteriorated. Ann Laird bought the mansion in 1974 and with much hard work she and her family brought it back to its former grandeur, a ten year project! It has became one of the finest bed and breakfast's in the state. 

     At the time I was commissioned to do the artwork, the mansion was an elegant fine dining restaurant. The site was also the location of an Indian Festival to welcome Native Americans back to their homeland, as the Tate lands were former Cherokee lands. This was in my early days of becoming recognized as an artist. The combination of 'new beginnings' for the revived home, the Indian homecoming, and my own career will always remain one of the highlights of my artistic journey. 

     I am grateful to Ann for her being an appreciative patron of my art, and allowing me to become intimate with their beautiful mansion. I spoke with her a few years ago when I heard the home was for sale, and she said the original drawing was still hanging in the mansion. I recently learned that the Tate House has been purchased by Affairs of the Heart. I am not sure if the original drawing stayed with the mansion or went with the Laird's. However, I still have some of the lithograph prints.

I apologize that the image below is a scan of a photo and not a good representation of the original
or the fine lithograph prints that were make on the same cover stock as the original. 

Limited edition lithograph prints are available at $20. each (shipping included). 

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