Stories... kids & art

The purpose of this page is to share some of those special moments when the 'art light' clicks on inside a child's mind to give them the insight of the deeper meanings or importance it can hold in their life. I will add to these stories as time permits.

At a Boy Scout meeting, seven year old grandson Jonathan was making Christmas ornaments from pine cones when he made the confident announcement, "I can do art! My Grandmama taught me how." Then with the qualified air of the self assured, he proudly made his ornament.

"I'm a good detail detective, aren't I Grandmama." said Travis (another grandson) when he discovered a feature laying on the ground during the Nature Arts Camp at MacCarthy Farm. The purpose in the camp was to help children SEE the ART around them in nature and then to create works of art from their inspirations. Travis found that he really had an eye for details. Later he discovered how much he loved to draw adding lots of details to his compositions. 

My favorite story involves the long term effects of exposing children to art. I was showing slides while giving my presentation of arts-in-education programs before a group of educators in Atlanta, when a woman toward the back of the room raised her hand and asked, "Did you teach art classes in your basement years ago?" I replied, "Yes, my first classes were taught at home." She stood up and said, "I was one of your students! I recognized your drawings." Then she looked at the people and said, "She is good. Her classes are what influenced me to become an art teacher!" I was completely speechless! She was a student in my early attempts at teaching. She would have been a young teen at the time. I was very gratified that she gained something from the experience and flattered at her recommendation.

This is my all time favorite:

"This is getting funner and funner Mrs. Angie. 'Cause it makes you kinda relax. When you're done it feels like you woke up from a deep sleep.", Matthew (age 6) during a drawing class.