Simpler Times
by Angie Cook

Simpler Times is a look into my childhood when 
families and home were the center of a child's world.

The work is set on an old wooden card table that we used throughout my youth. 
The checker board, pin stripe border and card symbols is the original design of the table. 
I added the clock face, removed the frame and folding legs from underneath 
and mounted them on top for a frame. 

The assemblage is made up of game pieces, cut outs from 50's sheet music, 
and catalog clippings showing the childhood entertainment of the era. 
I included toys from my own childhood, such as my old jump rope with bells 
and the knot for shortening it. Some of the game pieces are imbedded in a blocks 
of Winterstone to make more pronounced design use of the checker board squares. 

It was a time when games and childhood 
innocence provided a calm and delightful place 
to grow the imagination. 


detail: paper dolls (when toys required real interaction)


The photo is a fabric transfer of me
around three years of age. 
The blocks are arranged to form  the words: 
MAMA & DADDY... the center of my world.

It was a charmed time when a child was left to 
childish play, and adults went about their grown up responsibilities. I sometimes long for such simple times. 
That simplicity has passed for my generation, 
and childhood has greatly changed for those to come.