About the Art
by Angie Cook
The Story Behind the Work
part V
The Family Connection
The time had finally come to build up the armature. This proved to be more tricky than I imagined. I did not have a source for buying big chunks of styrofoam, so I improvised by using computer packing, molded styrofoam. This was like putting lego blocks together to try to get the right form, and then carving out the areas where needed. I found that an electric kitchen carving knife works fine for this. I also discovered that our home would be a virtual 'snowy' wonderland for days and days. My studio is in a dining room with open walls into the kitchen and living room. All of our living area was subjected to the art blizzard! 

The moebius band had a double layer of wire mesh with styrofoam sandwiched between. I also used spray foam to help 'glue' the pieces together and to fill in the holes and finish building up areas needing more filler. Every area had to have wire mesh on the outer layer for the Winterstone mix to adhere to. I wired this to the under structure and kept my hands in bandaged messes from all the wire scrapes. 


I was in my element at this point, taking care to watch the proportions and shaving off any areas that became too thick. I found a mannequin head that worked out beautifully for the mother. I could have build this up myself, but it was fun using the found head. 

The vertical post is this picture is the temporary support to keep the circle stretched firmly open until the finishing layers of Winterstone has hardened. I didn't want the weight of the cement-like sculpting medium pulling down on the moebius band. All of the tubing, even the edges, had to be covered with wire mesh. I spent a number of hours cutting and folding little three sided boxes to cup over the outer edges of the tubing. Each had to be secured with wire on each side of the band. Many cuts and punctures to my hands followed!


Once I got all the under form built up and all the empty holes filled solid, I was ready for the Winterstone. I only thought I was having fun before..... 

NOW, I was having fun!

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