About the Art
by Angie Cook
The Story Behind the Work
part IV
The Family Connection
The next step was the armature for the mother and child. Johnny and I worked together to get this right. I used measurements from Melinda to get the shoulder width, limbs and body length right. Since this was to be life size, I could do this but I had to keep in mind that the armature was only the 'bones'. On top of that would be layers of styrofoam, and Winterstone mixture. That made the calculations much more difficult. I'm sure there is a mathematical way to estimate this but remember that I am untrained. I WORK through to knowledge. It is hard-earned.

I needed a way to anchor the circular structure, beyond the lower tip of the curve onto the table. It needed a cradle-type of support system. There were public safety issues to consider, so I gave a lot of thought to this. This took me back to the drawing board and went through various plan options. Eventually The Hand made an appearance in my mind but I feel it came from a deeper place. I'll leave the interpretation to each individual on this part of the work. Johnny was called to service to model by holding the maquette for me to get my reference photos. 


I worked from these photos downloaded onto my laptop to get the right angles of the fingers and palm as I sculpted. The armature for the fingers came before the sculpting processes.

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