About the Art
by Angie Cook
The Story Behind the Work
part II
The Family Connection
Here is a sketch showing how I worked out the support structure.
It took a great deal of figuring to work out the structural needs of the sculpture, especially the moebius band.

There were also construction stages with heavy duty man-handling required. My husband, Johnny, came to my rescue.

It began with the table for mounting the sculpture to. This table had to be mobile. The sculpting was done in my dining room studio, so the sculpture and rolling table had to fit through a glass sliding door to remove it, once finished. Some of these images are taken from my scrapbook because the original pictures were lost when our computer crashed. I apologize about the poor quality.

The next challenge was the tubing for the flexible bending of the moebius band. The problem was that the tubing wasn't too flexible! Johnny found that heating it helped. A lot of this was trial and error. But together, Johnny and I worked through it.


The most important part of the structure is probably the steel support. It was also the most difficult to do. 

Here you can see the more joyful parts of this procedure of bending and shaping. 

By the time we got it close to the same twists as the moebius band tubing, we had to get the steel inserted into holes Johnny drilled into the table. We became so frustrated that we were ready to toss the whole thing in the yard.  About that moment, Wendy, our oldest daughter came in and helped. The three of us were finally able to pull and push it into place.
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