About the Art
by Angie Cook
The Story Behind the Work
Why would an artist devote a year to a project and involve several members of the family?
There are some inspirations that come from a place so deep that anything is prudent. This was such a project. 

I wanted to make a life sized sculpture of a mother and child. For some reason I wanted them in a circle. This was a troublesome concept because I could not make any sense out of such an inspiration. Why, how, and to what purpose would I put them in a circle?

This was to be a commissioned-gift (it was both, I was paid but did not expect the equivalent to the work I intended to produce) to Fannin Regional Hospital. This is where five of our grandchildren were born, and the hospital where my wrist was repaired after a bad break, requiring surgery and a lengthy uncomfortable healing process. During this time I gave thought to the doctor's explanation of why the surgery was necessary... my fine motor skills could be ruined if I didn't get the fixater to hold the bones in just the right place. I could have lost my ability to do detail work with my right hand. Being a right handed detail artist, this was a scary thought. Dr. Douglas Neulle gave me the second chance to continue my art. It was a gift I didn't take lightly. A creative flow began like never before. I realized that it was time to take my art more seriously. Read more about the impact of this 'life event' here.

What was the circle for... why in a circle? I started sketching and searching...... and it happened. The answer came. I cut a strip of paper and made a moebius band. Then examined it from every angle, and I loved the way it changed... so graceful, like slow music. Then the poem came to me, and I had the inspiration to carry me through this work. A work more ambitious than any before. Most importantly, it was a work from the heart. Motherhood is the most precious yet intense role one can have in life. The moebius band was symbolic of the continuum that I know motherhood to carry.

Once the concept was clear, I researched and began the self education process of learning how to do the task ahead. This is always the way with me. Even if I have done a particular thing before, I always want to know how to do it better. I discovered a sculpting product called Winterstone. This was my chosen sculpting medium. Here is the second maquette, finished in Winterstone, giving me the opportunity to see how the material worked out before buying the full amount needed for the work. I loved it!

Here you will find a few of my favorite photos of the processes and notes to their significance. There are several overlapping layers of meaning in this work. You will see what I mean as the story unfolds. It was a work that circled my own family... pulling them in, and binding them with the invisible but real mother's love. 

Notice the tiny circle in the abdomen in the drawing?

The artist, Travis, titled the drawing: Mommy
Does this give a hint to the family connections of this work? The rest of the story follows on linked pages. Follow the links at the bottom of each page. 

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