These are the latest comments about some of my work within the last year.
A few older comments follow these.

Artist-In-Education Program- Drawing is for Everyone

"The art show is up at the museum and looks really nice. The museum decided to buy four student pieces for their permanent childrens' collection. The children still ask when you are coming back. They really enjoyed having you with them."- Charlene, Art Teacher I worked with during an artist residency sponsored and paid for by Columbus Museum (2003).

A thank you letter to the museum from a student:
"Dear Columbus Museum,
I would like to thank you all for sending Mrs. Cook to our school. She taught us a lot of things. We showed her good behavior. I would like to thank you for paying for Mrs. Cook's trip. She was the best. If I had a job I would pay you back. But thanks for everything." -Tyeisha

An Arts Association Program- Nature Arts Camp at MacCarthy Farm
Sponsored by Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association (2003)

Megan, Tyler and I want to thank you and Deborah for the wonderful experiences and art activities last week.....they have painted and decorated blank canvas totes with fabric markers to take all of their treasures back home to Tampa....they listed in their nature journals all of the experiences they had at camp as well as at our cabin on the river...also included the snapshots we took ........thanks again for everything."- Ellza

Deborah MacCarthy and I co-developed the Nature Arts Camp. When I sent her some photos of the children:
"I just welled up with pure joy when I opened those pics. Thank you so much for taking and sending them. I sent some to my husband with subject headline: MY DAY AT THE OFFICE." - Deborah 

"That's wonderful.  The pics bring the program to life. Angie,  I really admire how you continue to add value to the project.  Thanks." -Deborah MacCarthy when she saw the slide show that BRMAA's webmaster, Carol Ann Tindell, posted on the site from the pictures I sent her.

Commission Client

"Hey Angie,
Great work on the sketch!  People really love it and they're starting to get a feel for what the place is going to stand for and be..... I really do think we have a winner here.  Thank you for your hard work on this Angie, it is very much appreciated!....
PS. Log home people are chomping at the bit to have their name stamped on this.  This is largely due to your work." 

Angie, Everybody loves the sketches!!! Seeing them finished gives me so much appreciation for what you do and the way you handled all this. Because of your talent and personality you made the process so much fun and easy. Anytime you had something new to show me I was eager to get up there and see it! And I don't think, I know you have a future in this kind of business. Melody can't believe that you captured my vision the way you have. You have connected me to my dream and all can say is you are a Godsend. Your family and friends should be very proud of you! God bless you always, Rusty


The price you charge for your artwork is always fair!" - Rusty

Art Product- Living Life Chart

"That is so fabulous, and could be the basis for a self help book for creative women! Wow, that just knocks my socks off, Angie!" -Martha

Older Referrals

Community Service
May 15, 1987   “...The Mental Health clients loved your presentation and most especially you.  They are begging for your return...” 
Coordinator of Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association

May 9, 1988  “ ...the parents and teachers alike appreciated your presentation at our P.T.O. meeting last week.  Your creativity flows and magnetizes.  The love of art and the recognition of their own artistic skills that you have inspired in children makes us all grateful...” 
P.T.O. Chairperson and Parent of Students

Exhibit and Arts Involvement
November 16, 1988   “On behalf of the membership and Board of Directors of Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association, we wish to thank you for your untiring efforts to offer artistic opportunities to our community.  In particular the Tolkien Exhibit is an excellent example of your fine work both with our students and for our community...”
President of Blue Ridge Mountain Arts Association

Mural Core Group Project- - Student  Response
1995-96  Artist Residency-Fannin County
“...I think that our mural is very beautiful and it looks like artists did the whole thing...”
“...every time I look at the picture I see I am a part of it.  I feel great about our mural...”
“I love the mural it is very pretty, and we could have never done this without you... It looked odd at first but over time it started taking shape...”
“...I feel special that I got to be a part of a core group in painting a wall, and I also enjoy the art class after school.  I plan to be an artist... I now know what art really means to me.”

Student Exhibit-Artist Residency-News Coverage
February 16, 1997   “...Her quiet manner and ease in communicating with children, coupled with her artistic talent, produced artwork from the Kindergarten through fourth grade that, in many ways, rivaled student art at much higher levels...”
The Carroll Star News

Community Presentation and Lecture-News Coverage
“ The Sertomans were attending the regular monthly breakfast gathering of the civic organization...Though the attendees numbered only a few, the information they received regarding the value and educational effects of art in the classroom was well worth their early-morning rising... Cook, serving as “Artist-In-Residence” at T.E.S.... outlined her thoughts on why it is important for school children to be exposed to art...”
The Temple Times

Artist Residency-Roopville Elementary-Carroll County-Student Response
“ We have enjoyed you coming for this 6 weeks.  We wish you could stay for 100 more years...”
Daniel  (4th grade)

Artist Residency-Temple Elementary-Carroll County-Student Response
“Thank you for teaching me how to draw in 3-D.  I am starting to feel like an artist.”
Daniel (3rd grade)

Artist Residency-Carroll County
April 2, 1997   “...The quality of projects and art works the students produced was something we were very proud of and so different from typical elementary school artworks.  Your expertise and guidance gave them the skills needed to produce works they can cherish, and more importantly, you gave them the self-confidence to produce art....”
Quest Teacher and Community Coordinator for the Residency

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