Points to Consider:

          • professional working artist- multi-media
          • over twenty years teaching experience 
          • works well with all ages in any setting 
          • offers teacher training

Art Sampler © - tried and true 
~ a broad range cross curricular program for a deeper understanding of the arts ~ 

This residency is based on Disciplined-Based Arts Education (DBAE) principles. Lessons will provide a well-rounded introduction to visual arts as students apply hands-on practice to produce artworks in various media. They will learn about important artists, and the historical and cultural framework in which they worked. Students  will also gain a deeper understanding of aesthetics as they apply acceptable critiquing methods. 
Grades: K-5 

Beyond Face Value © - NEW & exciting 
~ a character education program ~

Students will explore the timeless art form of mask-making as a method of self expression and personal identity while connecting to a greater meaning of what lies beneath the 
surface: our character. Masks can be created for use in many areas of the curriculum such as the study of different cultures, to enhance a drama production or interpret a literary work. 

~program segments-grade levels-curriculum connections~

  • All the Lovely Faces ©- Grades K-3, Respect of Others; Art & Social Studies 
    Students take a ‘time tour’ around the world to learn respect and tolerance through the history of masks. A hands-on art lesson in self expression helps students to understand of the commonalties between people everywhere. 
  • Earth Song Masks ©- Grades 4-5, Respect for the Environment, Art & Science 
  • Respect for the environment, citizenship and conservation come together when students get in tune with the environment as they create a mask to express the 'story-song' of the earth.

  • Personality Masks ©- Grades 6-8, Self Respect- Self Esteem, Art and Language Arts 
  • A self discovery lesson to unfold the layers of adolescent 'sameness' revealing the unique individual within as students illustrate their own personality. 

  • Character by Design ©- Grades K-12, Self Respect-Self Esteem, Creativity, Cross-Infusion
  • Design elements and principles apply to the art of living as well as the art of design and fine arts. This is a Disciplined-Based artist residency program designed for a collaborative infusion of arts into core curriculum objectives. Through art history, students will recognize the character component in works art. They will create a Dream-Self Character Portrait while reflecting on how the design terms appear in the context of character building.

Drawing is for Everyone © - all time favorite 
~ an art skill development program ~ 

This 'can-do' approach to drawing encompasses learning to see artistically, perspective, composition, shading and refinement. Students will discover personal sources of inspiration, become detail detectives, explore different styles and techniques while learning that everyone can draw. 
Grades Pre-K-12 and adults..... actually: ALL ages

Nature Arts Camp©- for SEEing & Celebrating the ART in Nature
Location is everything... or almost. This is an outdoor program offered at MacCarthy Farm in Mineral Bluff, GA, but I can do a similar program at sites having strong natural environmental emphasis and some semi-inclosed structures (barns or pavilions) in case of weather surprises. In addition to art inspired by nature and art that incorporates natural materials, students learn about caring for the environment, enhancing observation skills, learning about plants, animals, & more. Adult Art-Partners are encouraged to participate.

Custom Design a Residency &/or Teacher Training
~Teacher training can revitalize your faculty and add artful life to learning.~ 

I will collaborate with your school or site to custom design the residency to fit your needs. I have over twenty years’ experience with skill-building in various visual arts media, and work well with all ages. 

Windows Within: Art for Wellness©
An art and self discovery program developed and offered by Angie Cook
~New Program tested 2003 by the staff of Family Chiropractic Center, Blue Ridge, GA~

There is a seedbed of creativity that is inside from the early beginnings of our existence, and although we may not all be artists, we can tap and use those resources to our benefit. The nature of the processes in art can help relieve stress. Spontaneous exploration of the arts can free the spirit from heavy concerns. A self discovery begins to take place, as windows within. Although the elements of design are the golden thread of this series, these are not art classes for learning specific art making skills. These are creative exploration sessions for the purpose of finding that special 'spark' of creativity, and as a result we may begin a journey toward a state of wellness.

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