Portrait Collage
By Angie Cook

NOTICE: All art on this site is copyrighted by the artist and may not be copied,
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A  Portrait Collage is a ‘memory collection’ arranged
into a creative mixed-media visual narrative to 
capture the ‘essence’ of a person in a new way.

I can incorporate old letters, photos, and other memorabilia.
All I need is a shoe box of your collected memories and a story to get my thought processes into the work.

These make wonderful one-if-a-kind personal gifts. 

If interested in commissioning a Portrait Collage of someone special, just email to begin the collaboration. 
These are reasonably priced according to size and expected time commitment.

More on collage and the processes
of this art form is explained in About the Art.

To commission work or buy works seen here, please contact me at:
Also see Arts & Services to see what I can do for you.