Ode to Motherhood
By Angie Cook

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A sculpture to commemorate the continuum of the bond of motherhood.. 
This is a view while in the studio, just after finishing.
The Ode to Motherhood was a work created for Fannin Regional Hospital in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Several of our grand babies were born at the hospital and it is also where my broken hand was operated on, by Dr. Doug Neulle, giving me back the ability to continue with my art. It was to be a work to show my gratitude to the hospital as well as express something much deeper.... the continuum of the bond of motherhood. Being a mother of four children had given me many experiences to feed such a concept, but no less than being a daughter. I began to see the mother child circle in the cycle of life as a non ending bond. There are many personal feelings attached to this work, especially connected to my own family. I will share more of my thoughts on this in the About the Art section, as well as share pictures and stories of this work and the processes involved. 

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