Angie Cook, Mixed Media Artist

     Mask making is more than a craft to me. It is an extension of collage, assemblage, and sculpture. 

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This is a sculptural identity statement... a personality mask. It has a pencil, ink pen and brush to express my artistic self. Since I love dainty flowers, ribbons, and colors, I collaged cuttings of flowers onto my face and put silk flowers in my 'hair'. The hair shows my entrance into the golden years of my life by the colors of silver, gold, and purple (just for fun). I often wear my glasses down on my nose so that I can look over them. These glasses show what is most often in my vision... my seven grandchildren (this was done before the eighth was born). This mask was made with plaster gauze, and painted with acrylic.

I will be adding other masks and you will find mask-type faces in other of my works.

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More on masks and the processes
of this art form is explained in About the Art.