Angie Cook, Mixed Media Artist

     Beyond canvas there is unbound freedom... some of which comes back to refresh the canvas. The way creativity works with me is that one endeavor, serves to enhance the next. I used to think I was becoming sidetracked when going off into the decorating sprees. Not anymore. Below are examples of a few of those fun inspirations. I think you will agree there is a kinship with some of my more colorful collage works and paintings.

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A dinosaur chest of drawers for my grandson, Lee. 

A trunk with three glass mosaic panels.

A quilt box.

A dressing table with crackle finish.

A night stand with a marbled top.

I love to create special environments, especially for children. I also love to create learning environments. Anytime I can do both at once, it is a special pleasure. This is a tree house bed with a play area for reading and building with Lego blocks underneath... like a cozy little room under the tree. 

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