Fragments of Self
By Angie Cook

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     I had been collecting egg shells for a long time. There was something beautiful in the varied shades and fine textures..... most of all the fragile but sure nature of how they held life inside. I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but knew it would come to me. 

     I had been wanting to do a self portrait but never got the right level of inspiration to begin......... until I broke my right wrist. It was a nasty break leaving me in surgery... then to wear a fixater for six weeks and a cast for two more. I could do hardly anything art-wise, but for some reason, I was suddenly ready to use the egg shells. 

    There is something internal about the process of art and the spirit of the artist. My experience was speaking to me through the art I was creating. It was a work exhibiting the patience I was learning through the healing period. I used black acrylic paint as the ground for a self portrait mosaic. Without intention, I feel it caught the humor I felt from the silliness of breaking my wrist while skating at my grand daughter's birthday party... at my age! 

Deeper revelations came, however, when I thought on the fragile nature of our existence, and how one moment can change our course. Mine was a slight accident, but there could have been permanent damaged had I not found the right doctor. To think of losing the ability to do art, was a liberating experience. It freed me to leave reservations behind and create from the gut. Things have not been the same since. 

All this from an accident, egg shells, and the creative spirit!

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