Environment Series
By Angie Cook

NOTICE: All art on this site is copyrighted by the artist and may not be copied,
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The environment collage series is an aesthetic adventure of creativity.
Each consists of a variety of materials and methods to create unique
environments for creatures of the imagination.

Environment #1- The fish is made of fabric, clippings, and beads.
The sunbeams piercing the waters and the bubbles are clippings of translucent gems.
The eyes of three fish are clippings of peacock feather eyes.

Environment #2- The lizard legs and a portion of the head are clippings. 
Indian corn and beads make up the back. 
Lava rock from Arizona is used in the landscape. 
The painted mountains were my reinvention of the painted desert.

More on collage and the processes
of this art form is explained in About the Art.

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