Three dimensional 
Memory Windows

"My grand daughter, Angelia had a wonderful year of ballet instruction.  I wanted to give her a memory window to keep the memorabilia together and on display.  I used an old medicine cabinet, installed a Plexiglas front, and used special painting techniques to give the wood a look of rose petal paper. 

The performance was 'Madam Butterfly' and Angelia was as graceful as any fair winged butterfly!  I took pictures during a dressed rehearsal and used Adobe to create a variety of photographic moments to keep.  Her dance pin, shoes, a special picture of her with the instructor, and holding her certificate, and a series of her dance movements in the same sequence of the performance were all part of this art assemblage. 

Clippings of flowers from wallpaper scraps, and silk flowers were also incorporated into the design as well as 'wings' of a butterfly to accent her grace. I used rubber stamps to create a collection of gold embossed butterflies, folded to be three dimensional; and mounted them to 'fly' throughout the composition. Lace and ribbons helped to unite the various objects and caused them to be more connected as a single visual presentation. 
On top of the window, I made a sculpture cast from Angelia's arm in the dance pose, and used an enlargement from her full-bodied pose (mounted on foam core board and hung with fishing line) to have a 'dancing' mobile of Angelia.  The picture hanging at the bottom is an interactive feature for the viewer.  It shows the group of girls in the performance, standing together smiling sweetly.  When the card is opened, the same girls standing exactly as they were, are making faces in the silliest ways.  Hanging on the left of the Memory Window is Angelia's dance costume." 
-Angie Cook