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References: What clients, patrons, educators, parents, and students have said about my work.

What I can do for you:

Sketch or Rendered Drawings ...can compose a realistic work of art in pencil of your chosen subject matter (family or G-rated only) 
Note: A sketch is loosely drawn, and a rendered drawing is closer to photo realism. Both are quality art, but the later takes more time and the price will reflect that.
Paintings ...same as above but in pastel, acrylic, oil, or watercolor, or mixed media 

Illustrations ...I can illustrate using any choice of medium for sales ads, books, magazines, and other. These can be done in a variety of style and technique. 

Collage Memory Windows .....can capture a moment in time using your memorabilia

Assemblage .....dimensional memory window for saving those special items by putting them on display in a work of art

Custom Environments ....preserve the memory of a special place of your travels using 'scraps' from the journey; 
OR I can create worlds for creatures of the imagination (or real creatures) using found materials (yours or mine)

Portrait Collage ..... put a face on the expression of love using items representing that special someone 

Personality Masks .....a sculptural portrait collage 

Portraits ...available in several media (pets or people) 

Miniature Collage .....I will make a tiny treasure using your special tid-bits 

Treasure Book ....a one of a kind hand made book with your (flat) treasures and memories worked into a fine art treasure (book art)

Sculpture ...can create custom sculpture to fit your site needs: garden, home, or business

Architectural Sketches ...can do house portraits and architectural design sketches

Murals ....can paint them myself or lead a group (such as a group of students to do a school mural; patients/residents in a hospital or elder care facility; staff of employees; or club groups such as the Scouts, or Art clubs... etc.)

Program information & booking information available.

Educational Programs ....I teach classes, workshops, and will do short or long term Artist-In-Education residencies. I have over twenty years experience and work with all ages, in any visual art medium. See the Programs page for specific program details. I also provide art consultant services to schools and other teaching-learning groups.  I provide teacher training in hands-on arts application in the classroom and demonstrate how to weave the arts into the curriculum. I can provide lesson plans, model classroom strategies, and help set up a new or restructure an old art program. I am willing to travel if expenses (and lodging when applicable) are covered, and will custom design the services to meet your needs.

Arts Advocacy .....Can do talks, presentations, and assemblies to small or large audiences on the subject of the value of arts in education.

Most art commissions and other art services are priced according to the specifics of the individual request. If you are interested and need a general price range before getting into specifics, or if you are ready to set up the work just email

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