Drawings of Alpharetta, GA
By Angie Cook

Many years ago, I was commissioned to do eleven drawings of historical Alpharetta. 
These were used in the (then) new Cable Alpharetta offices.
Lithograph prints were made of the old school and courthouse. 
These were printed on the same linen textured cover stock as 
the originals. I still have a few of these prints for sale.

The old school is one of my favorite drawings.
This is a scanned image of the print. 
It does not include the whole image and the actual print looks much better.

Please note that the following are photos from my scrapbook. 
They were taken in the days when I made my 
own art photos and may look misshapen.

The courthouse is the bottom right image above. I have prints of it and the school.
These prints are available at $20. each (shipping included). 

If you have historical photos that you would like to preserve in this manner, 
I accept commissions with prices based on the individual job.

More on drawing and the processes
of this art form is explained in About the Art.

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