This web site is an invitation to 'get to know' the artist. 

Although some of the works featured here are for sale, I wanted to make the site more than an electronic business card, by stripping away the fluff-n-stuff and bringing in the why's and how's of my works of art. I want this site to be as educational as it is commercial. This is a personal account of an artist's inspirations... what drives me to create, and in some cases I share the processes of the creation. 

I have put hours into this sharing experience because I feel that education in the arts begins with the artist. Who knows better what art is really all about? 

The most important part of art is the interaction between the art and viewer. You, are just as important as the artist to the ultimate success of the work. If art does not ever reach the people, it has failed to do more than satisfy a singular need within the creator. My need goes to communication, therefore an audience is vital, and if a few of the audience becomes patrons to the arts by becoming so connected to the work that they must own it, then the work has gone the extra step to truly reach the people. You see, there is more involved than the 'activity' of making the art. I hope these pages will make that evident.  

Communication being a two way channel, I hope to hear from you.... even if it is only to say, "Thank you for sharing." I have no need for superficial compliments or flowery words, only to know there was a person on the other end of my artistic communication. If the art stirred a 'memory', 'thought', 'emotion', or even 'disdain', I would love for you to share that with me. After all, creating web sites is an all absorbing work in itself, but pouring ones soul out so openly (in both the art and the words about the art) is a tender communication in want of some verbiage from the viewer... just to know there actually are viewers at all. 

I have tried to make the pages easy to navigate. I have also tried to keep rhyme and reason in the layout and content. I did not try to include all of my works, just a sampling of the variety with some of the old and more of the new. I hope you can find something of interest and a connection with the artist through the art.

Thank you for taking the time to give my site a moment in your busy day and thank you for your participation in this communicative process. Please check back often, web pages are always a work in progress. If you are interested in purchasing a work, contact me to inquire of its availability and pricing and shipping details.

Angie Cook